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Devon Govoni, PhD, LMHC, ATR-BC, REAT is a doctor of expressive arts therapies, a licensed mental health counselor, board certified art therapist, registered expressive arts therapist, and an adjunct professor at Montana State University. Devon’s private practice, Abstract Therapy LLC, in Plymouth, Massachusetts offers action-oriented approaches created through systemic, interdisciplinary lenses combined with the expressive arts. She is also a visual artist with an extensive international exhibition and publication history who specializes in oil painting, mixed media, sculpture, and photography. In more recent years, her work has been displayed in New York City, at the Louvre in Paris, France and a part of art events in Florence, Venice, and Milano, Italy. Over the years Devon has also collaborated with CreativPaper magazine out of London who focus heavily on environmental, mental health, and social justice awareness and gather artists who share these passions to help promote needs for change through the arts.

Artist Statement

I am genuinely intrigued by the human condition and how people are intertwined in divinely unique ways. Creating art has been a way to explore the intricacies of relationships throughout my life. I believe that the overall art making processes can assist a person in understanding the world from different perspectives. I feel so incredibly fortunate to be able to explore existential meaning in the world individually and alongside others who look to find deeper meaning within their own lives within my professional work too.

More recently, I have found that matters of the heart fuel my work. Social justice issues, environmental concerns, politics, religion and the deep human emotions connected to these concepts are critical in my work. Art can speak long beyond the lifetime of its creators and the messages that can be shared are integral in understanding how and why all humans are, and forever will be, connected.   

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